My New Greenhouse: The First Three Months


Shall I or shall I not have a greenhouse?  This question, teasing its way back and forth through my thoughts for many months, suddenly resolved itself.  I would have a

Every Garden Can Have Some Fruit Trees

Garden fruit trees

Standard-sized fruit trees are out of the question for many home yards because in time they take up too much space, and their tops cannot be reached with home spraying

A Beautiful Garden For All To Enjoy

Beautiful Garden

In the most beautiful garden,” my friend said enthusiastically. I “Just wait ’til you see it; there isn’t anything like it.” I listened politely but said nothing. We had often

The Bird-Of-Paradise: A Strange Beauty

bird paradise strange beauty

No flower I grow, not even orchids, calls forth the superlatives that my bird-of-paradise (Strelitzia reginae) does when it blooms. “Exotic!” “Beautiful!” say my garden guests. One, putting forth thumb