What Should I Do In The September Landscape?

september landscape garden

With cooler weather this month, the garden takes on a lively look. Annuals are blooming hysterically, lawns are a glistening green, and chrysanthemums, the flower of the season, have burst

How To Invite Hummingbirds To Your Garden

hummingbird to garden

Some people build all sorts of contrivances to lure hummingbirds into their garden. It was not our intention to invite them in when we planted flax and firecracker fuchsias in

Answer: What Are Restharrows – Tell Me More?

rest harrows

The species of Ononis (rest-harrows of gardens), which are hardy in northern Michigan are mostly desirable plants, not alone because of their ease of culture, but for their summer-flowering habit

Quick Tips For Growing Big Beautiful Clematis

big beautiful clamatis

In the hierarchy of vines, large-flowered hybrid clematis rank close to the top. Their startling flowers, some measuring 10” inches across, in red, pink, blue, purple, or white, bring rave