Parsley The Wonder Plant Loaded With Vitamin A

Just outside my kitchen door, green, feathery, hardy plants have stood throughout the winter, offering health-giving leaves which are as good as a whole bottle of pills. I merely brush aside snow to find sprigs of parsley still green and full of life.

The astonishing fact is that parsley rates 22,500 units of vitamin A per ounce. This is more than twice the content of kale, the second-highest vegetable, with 9,000 units of vitamin A in the ounce.

Parsley PlantPin

In addition, parsley carries more than two times the iron content of lentils, which rates second at 2.5 milligrams. And as for vitamin C, parsley stands alongside red and green peppers with 400 units higher than all other vegetables in vitamin C content.

So—when you toss aside the sprig of parsley on your plate, you discard real health gold. Parsley is not only curative beyond all explanations, but it gives flavor and eye appeal.

Practical Use Of Parsley

A practical use of parsley branches is to chill them thoroughly and brush them across the surface of hot soup to remove grease.

It is said that Roman women of wealth paid enormous prices for leaves of green vegetables to improve their complexions, and warriors used the plant to stop bleeding wounds.

Although I prefer to leave my plants outside during the winter, they may be potted and brought into the house as useful greenery.

Once firmly rooted in the soil, the parsley plants need little care or attention. My little bed goes on from year to year defying drought in summer and snows in a Missouri winter.

44659 by  Nadine Mills Coleman