Selecting Crocus

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Crocus come in about three main categories. Earliest of them are the species, of which there are many. 

These are called winter-flowering, and will bloom at the slightest slackening of wintry weather. 

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Most of these are quite small in size but tough and willing to make considerable increases so that after a few years, they form showy clumps. 

They are superb in rock gardens. Next comes the large Dutch crocus, a spectacular kind with big flowers. They rank with the showiest spring bulbs. 

Finally, there is the autumn-flowering crocus planted in August or September and blooms soon afterward before foliage appears. 

Winter-Blooming Crocus Species

Among the winter-blooming species, a choice is difficult, but any garden should include the following:

  • Crocus ancyrensis or Golden Bunch—one of the earliest; small, yellow-orange.
  • Crocus sieberi—very early, soft lilac. A variety called ‘Firefly’ has showy orange stamens.
  • Crocus versicolor picturatus or Cloth of Silver—white with red feathering, large for this class.
  • Crocus tornasinianus—several named kinds, all shades of purple, early.
  • Crocus susianus or Cloth of Gold—yellow with brown stripes.
  • Crocus chrysanthus—comes in many named varieties in shades of blue, cream, yellow. Grassy foliage.
  • Crocus vernus— ‘Vanguard’ is a named kind, blue-gray, early.

Dutch Crocus

Among Dutch croci, these stand out:

  • Little Dorrit (silver-lavender, large)
  • Striped Beauty (white with purple striping, large)
  • Remembrance (soft purple-blue, with showy orange anthers, large)
  • Dutch Yellow Mammoth (early for this type, long-lasting, large)

Autumn Crocus

Among autumn croci, these are notably satisfactory:

  • Crocus zonatus—large lavender with orange at the base, early.
  • Crocus sativus (Saffron) —fragrant pink-lilac feathered with violet.

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