For A Bright Dash Of Color Grow Amaranthus

Grow Amaranthus

So wonderfully colored is the foliage of Amaranthus tricolor splendens (Amaranthus melancholicus) that it is called Joseph’s Coat, and rightly so, for it is as elaborate, brilliant, and arresting as

Spring Color Harmonies

Spring Color

Yellow is the key color of spring in our gardens, with lavender running a close second. And what lovely effects can be achieved by combining them to bring out, by

How To Treat Your Seeds For Improved Growth

treat seeds improved growth

As a rule, the principal reasons for treating seeds with chemicals before sowing them are to prevent seed decay and damping-off of seedlings.  During the past year, however, I have

What Is The History Of Fragrant Gladiolus

Fragrant Glads

For many years, fragrance in garden gladiolus eluded hybridizers. After various growers had spent 125 years obtaining fragrant garden gladiolus.  Dean William Ilerbert of England produced his hybrid, GLADIOLUS FRAGRANS—a

Try Growing Hybrid Chrysanthemums From Seeds

Hybrid Chrysanthemums

If you want an interesting and exciting experience in seed sowing, try hybrid chrysanthemum seeds.  While looking through a chrysanthemum catalog in February 1958, I found mum seeds from Japan.

The New Crop Of Annuals Or Rediscovered?

New Annuals

The challenge of the new and the untried makes the annual influx of seed catalogs a continual source of fascination.  Some of the so-called “new plants” are actually the result