How To Tips On Using Climbing Roses

Climbing Roses

Is there a climbing rose in your garden? If the answer is no, look around. Nearly every home property has a room for at least one climbing rose bush. And,

Growing The Butterfly Iris

Growing Butterfly Iris

Tucked away in forgotten corners of many gardens are plants of the butterfly iris. Given scant attention and care, these plants faithfully reward their owners with a short but glorious

The Charm Of Geraniums Stand for Happiness

Blooming Geraniums

Indoors or out, you’ll be swept away by the charm of geraniums—their happy display is insuppressible for geraniums flaunt all the warm, cheerful spectrum colors, sharpened with an immaculate dash

How To Propagate Tree Peonies

Tree Peonies

Division of tree peonies is so uncertain and slow that we must resort to grafting—a specialist’s job if ever there was one—to propagate this plant. Different Propagation Methods Grafting Tree

Growing Iris Through the Seasons

Iris Flower

One of the outstanding features of the iris family is its long season of bloom. In the early spring, while the weather is still cool, the violet-blue flowers of Iris

What Is A Tulip Poplar?

tulip poplar

Whether you know it as tulip poplar, whitewood, tulip tree, yellow poplar, or simply poplar, it is the same handsome giant, straight as a flagpole, with yellow-green and orange tuliplike

Growing Tree Peonies Is Different

Growing Lovely Tree Peonies

For 50 years, I have grown tree peonies. I remember my first glimpse of them in the catalog of an old British firm, Kelway & Co. Even those little prints