When Did Pink Daylilies Become New?

the new pink daylilies

They’re pink! And there’s a variety to match every shade in the color chart. Many garden writers still speak of daylilies “in so-called red shades.” However, if they haven’t seen

Primroses Deliver A Broad Range Of Color

news on primroses

Today the polyantha primrose is the best known, most permanent, and even-tempered of the primula tribe.  Our present-day strains have resulted from crossing the common Eng­lish primrose, Primula acaulis, with

What Are The Daylilies Dusky Sirens?

daylilies dusky sirens

How should one use the dark daylilies—dusky sirens of the daylily family? Yellow and orange daylilies are supreme for landscaping large areas. But in the small home garden, a dark

The Lily Quiz Was Fun

the lily quiz was fun

The hundreds of letters that came in answer to “The Beginning Gardener” lily quiz in the March issue were almost overwhelming. More than 1,100 answers (from all 50 states except

What Is The Cinderella Plant?

cinderella plant

You wouldn’t expect such tropical-looking foliage from an inexpensive seed packet labeled “castor bean.” But this budget-wise plant can’t be beaten for quick foundation plantings to banish the bare look

Why Are These Plants Seldom Seen Annuals?

seldom seen annuals

Each summer for over a dozen years, I have grown one or more seldom-seen annuals in my central Missouri farm garden.  These adventures with seeds have been little work and

Tips On Hybridizing Gladiolus

hybridizing glads

You certainly can be someone other than an expert in genetics. However, the experience will teach you many practical things about combining the characteristics of two different parents.  Two white

The Buller Amaryllis Hybrids

the buller amaryllis hybrids

A new race of hybrid amaryllis has come upon the American scene. Named for its originator, it is called the Buller strain, after the late Arthur C. Buller (1874-1959) of