Warbler Economically Valuable Native Bird

warbler economically valuable native bird

Birds serve to maintain balance in nature by keeping in check insects, rodents, reptiles, and amphibia, the overpopulation of any one of which could drive a man from great areas

Should You Encourage the Friendly Martins?

Friendly Martins

Martins and tree swallows are friendly birds that like people. They feed while on the wing, eating thousands of flies, mosquitoes, moths, and many other insects. We should do everything

How To Invite Swallows Not Sparrows

Sparrow Birds

Would you like to have tree swallows in your garden? These friendly birds often visit in spring, but few bird lovers have succeeded in getting them to nest. Unfortunately, sparrows

Owls – The Valentine Birds

owls the valentine birds

In the very earliest spring, or even in the late winter, one hears the mournful long-eared owl, plying “his sad song,” and this may be one of the earliest, if

Build Bird Boxes Now

Bird Boxes

Birds in the garden are always a joy! What’s more, they are off in an estimable value to plants because of the great number of insects they consume. One way

Bright Fruit For Winter Birds

plants and birds

Generally speaking, the fruit of the Washington hawthorn, Crataegus phaenopyrum, is not eaten by birds in the fall or early winter. And therein lies its great value. By January or

How To Attract Winter Birds

Winter Birds

Everyone knows that birds often return to the same spot year after year to build their nests. We wonder how they can travel hundreds or even thousands of miles over

Feed Birds This Winter

Birds in Winter

Entomologists believe successful agriculture would be impossible without birds. They occupy a unique position among insect and weed destroyers.  Their remarkable powers of flight enable them to gather immediately at