Try The Bromeliads Indoors And Old New Plant

Try Bromeliads

For many generations, the Bromeliaceae, or “air plants” as they are better known, have been treasured members of greenhouse anti-conservatory collections.  It is only in the recent years of pot

Bizarre Bromeliads Thrive In Many Environments

bizzare bromeliads

The decorative use of plants is becoming more and more a part of home furnishing. Interiors have become more straightforward and practical, and accentuating plants should keep up with this

The Exotic Billbergias

Exotic Billbergias

If your collection of house plants does — not include at least one Billbergia, you are missing the Spring bloom of one of the most exciting indoor plants. Billbergias are

The Ultramodern Bromeliads

Modern Bromeliads

Bromeliads are as ultramodern in appearance as the United Nations buildings in New York, but they have been popular houseplants for a hundred years in Europe. The bromeliads are air