Have You Tried These Tips on Composting?

tips on composting

There are many new tricks in the home gardener’s humus-making speed-up. Making compost is no longer the tedious jolt it once was. Eager-beaver organicists have found several time-saving methods. One

How To Make Compost

Making Compost

The gardener who burns all his leaves, grass clippings, weeds, and small prunings is destroying valuable soil material. Material that would have added fertilizer to the soil and improved the

Barnyard Manure in Polite Society

barnyard manure in polite society

The old sayings that distance lend enchantment and familiarity breed contempt were never more applicable than to that lowly but all-important garden commodity — barnyard manure. When it was to

How To Use Compost: Lawn Trees, and Garden

How to Use Compost

For thousands of years, gardeners have been piling organic wastes—weeds, leaves, grass clippings, manures —in heaps to decompose into soil-enriching compost. In a compost heap, dead materials are transformed into

Clean-Up Chores, Compost Treasures

clean up compost treasures

Garden clean-up is the big chore for now. All vegetation killed by frost should be cut away from the plant as soon as possible. Toxic materials are often formed in cell