Do You Know The Lime Loving Plants

Lime Loving Plants

Lime may supply the key to success for some of the plants in your garden. My first experience with the magic which can be performed by the ad­dition of lime

They Used Aluminum Foil Mulch

aluminum foil mulch

How would you like to harvest a crop of vegetables without weeding, watering, spraying, or dusting? Or grow off-season crops such as head lettuce in August or carrots ready to

Why pH is important

Important pH

Do you shy away from the term pH because it sounds mysterious and hard to understand? If you do, you’re missing a chance to grow better plants with less effort

Get A Guide – If You Want To Be A Winner

Be a Winner

With so many people displaying their green thumb talents these days, flower shows with prizes for amateur plant lovers are booming, too.  The shows range from those sponsored by neighborhood

Mulch For Better Plants

Mulch for Better Plants

Thick layers of mulching materials lessen the need for weeding and cultivating, conserve moisture (reducing the need for watering), and gradually build up soil fertility.  And they effectively lower the

Abused Words For The Garden

Abused Garden Words

Needless confusion results when words are used improperly. This is as true in gardening as in law or chemistry. In gardening, the one word most often misused is sour, meaning

Cultivate For Better Plants

Cultivate Plants

The major reason for cultivating soil is to kill weed seedlings around desirable plants. It also enables us to mix compost, manures, and fertilizers into the soil.  It breaks soil

Lime Some Call It Chalk Others Hate It

Lime Chalk

When he first sees the white cliffs of Dover gleaming in the distance, the bosom of the homecoming Englishman is supposed to swell with pride.  Mine does not. It swells

Exploring Ikebana

Exploring Ikebana

Since its origin, a studied art form in the 15th century, Ikebana has progressed along avenues so diversified as to make it a strong and virile art demanding the attention