A Mulch for You

mulch for you

Busy gardeners are always looking for new finds to make their work easier and to provide a conversational piece for garden visitors.  Buckwheat hulls are your answer for an easy-to-handle

Right and Wrong Ways with Mulch


Snow may come and go during the month of December, but except for the far north, it seldom stays throughout the month. Consequently, it cannot be depended upon to protect

Mulches For Winter Cover

Mulches for Winter Cove

In all the wide range of garden operations, there is probably none less understood than winter mulching.  9 out of 10 gardeners continue to use rule-of-thumb practices—some of them actually

Do Mulches Make For Easier Gardening?

mulches gardening

Twenty-one years ago, I began experimenting with mulches for flowers, root crops, above-ground crops, and fruits. I do not recall why I started working with various mulching materials. Still, I

What Is A Good Mulch For Strawberries?

mulched strawberries

Does sawdust, marsh hay, and straw make good mulches for strawberries? All are good, but if using sawdust it is advisable to increase the amount of nitrogen in the fertilizer