The Great Gardens At Bodnant

Gardens at Bodnant

Bodnant, near Conway on the north coast of Wales, is one of the world’s great gardens. Even in Great Britain, there is nothing to compare with it. A series of

This Problem Of Drainage For Plants

Drainage Problem

Drainage is important whether we plan a small vegetable garden or a large orchard, a new lawn or flower border, or simply potting a plant. For aquatics and swamp-loving plants,

Spectacular Plants Of Hawaii

spectacular plants of hawaii

Thirty years ago, when I made my first trip to Hawaii, it took eight and a half days of calm sailing on a slow passenger ship to span the 2200-odd

Tips On Saving Hurricane Damaged Trees

hurricane damaged trees

Winds of hurricane velocity accompanied by heavy rain occurred throughout much of New England, New York, and Pennsylvania during the Thanksgiving weekend. Extensive damage occurred to shade and ornamental trees.

The Private World Of Plants

World of Plants

When we look at a photograph of a beautiful flower, we can see two dimensions—height and width. When we see nature firsthand or view it through a stereoscope, depth is

Modern Garden Of Eden

Eden Garden

The Garden of Eden of Biblical days, that fabulous habitat of Adam and Eve — is now being restored in the Land of the Bible. Plants In Israel As in