Gardens Are For People That Is What Gardens Are For

Gardens Are for People, a provocative title for an extraordinary book by Thomas D. Church, carries a message to inspire thousands of homeowners to consider gardens from an entirely new viewpoint. 

Although little can be added to all that has been written about gardening through the ages, Mr. Church, with superb pictures and well-chosen words, gives us the essence of this most ancient of arts poignantly and directly.

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The author starts out with the premise that people, their pet animals, the topography around them, the houses they occupy, and the climate in which they live all influence what kind of garden they will most enjoy.

Presenting Various Garden Types

With a down-to-earth approach, he presents comments and pictures of the various types of gardens. 

These include the well-designed backyard, the town and city garden, and the greater possibilities afforded by a place in the country. 

His designs strongly reflect his convictions that a garden is an important place where we live, play, relax and enjoy ourselves.

Six hundred superb photographs, many in color, say more than several hundred pages of text could cover.

Actual examples of the use of trees, vistas, topographical problems, and the houses which adjoin the gardens are presented. 

No one can deny the stimulus and inspiration of well-made photographs, and this book abounds in them. 

(A better job of printing and a more careful choice of paper could have been made.) Color, texture, and pattern are apparent throughout.

In addition to the terse legends and paragraphs of commentary, the book is filled with well-chosen quotations.

Expressing Salient Garden Facts

The author allows distinguished landscape architects and garden writers to point out salient facts that he could have expressed in his own intense style.

There are many detailed illustrations of steps, fences, walks, ornamental features, and sections of gardens. 

The stress placed on paving, benches, curbs, and swimming pools strongly emphasizes the recreational functions of a garden. 

This big book is brim full of ideas that will inspire home gardeners to make their own places more liveable and comfortable. 

For sheer dollar value, a book containing over 600 illustrations with 17 in color, presented in 248 pages, at $10.00 a copy is hard to find in this day of rising prices.

Gardens Are For People

“Gardens Are for People” is a book that can be picked up to enjoy for a few casual moments or poured over for hours. 

Each time this reviewer has turned the pages, reading here and there, he has discovered something new, stimulating, and inspiring.

It would be trite indeed to say that this is the book gardeners all over America have long been waiting for, but sometimes trite expressions have a way of expressing truisms in a commonplace manner. This is such a book.

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