Soil The Black Magic Beneath Your Feet

Black Soil

Soil formation is a slow process that requires 10,000 years or more to form one foot of depth. The host soils provide 10′ feet or more effective depth for the

How To Plant A Tub Garden

Tub Garden

Cramped for space in your garden? The smallest yard is large enough for a tub garden. All you need is a sound wooden or galvanized tub; if yours is galvanized,

Space Saving Vegetables

Saving Vegetables

You can grow vegetables in the littlest garden. Indeed in a plot 20 by 20 feet or smaller, you can raise enough to make gardening more fun and eating more

Don’t Crowd Your Vegetable Seeds

dont crowd vegetable seeds

Thickly sown vegetable seeds cause many disappointments in home gardening. The seedlings often come up so crowded that none has a chance for average growth unless the rows are thinned

Confessions Of A Garden Gambler

confessions of gambler

There was the year we had roasting cars on July 2. That’s a month to 6 weeks ahead of schedule for central Indiana. For here, our last killing frost is

Vitamin Rich Kales From The Orient

kales from the orient

Few plain dirt gardeners can visualize kale, the richest vitamin of the pot herbs, as a foliage plant for the flower border. Japanese horticulturists came up with ornamental kales more

Choosy About Tomatoes

About Tomatoes

It may have been the year I stood over chili sauce for hours, boiling it down to the proper consistency. Or maybe the year I tried to make tomato juice