How An 11-Year-Old Grows Cucumbers

Planting Cucumber

Cucumbers are good to grow in any garden. They have high vitamin content and are delicious. An average size cucumber contains only 25 calories and is therefore useful to people

Sawdust for Your Garden

Garden Sawdust

In many states, great piles of sawdust are going begging. Some of them, aged and well-rotted, are located in country sawmills. Others, both old and fresh, stand high in local

Bees Are Your Friends

Friendly Bees

The insect world is mysterious. It is amazing to see how insects fit into the pattern of this planned world. We soon discover that some are friends and others are

Worth-While Members of the Pea Family

Pea Family

While their flowers bring beauty to our borders, their roots supply nitrogen to the soil. Too few gardeners are acquainted with members of the pea or pulse family, many of

How To Make Compost

Making Compost

The gardener who burns all his leaves, grass clippings, weeds, and small prunings is destroying valuable soil material. Material that would have added fertilizer to the soil and improved the

Is Your Garden Ready For Your Vacation?

Garden Ready for Vacation

Some folks try turning their home grounds over to a “garden-sitter” while away. A friendly neighbor may feel sure he can provide the necessary care for the few weeks of

Abused Words For The Garden

Abused Garden Words

Needless confusion results when words are used improperly. This is as true in gardening as in law or chemistry. In gardening, the one word most often misused is sour, meaning

Strawberg Corn For Food And Fun

Strawberg Corn

If you want to grow something different, try miniature popcorn, the red-headed glamour girl of Zea Mays everta.  It pops, it’s decorative and easy to grow. However, it doesn’t grow

Don’t take the FUN out of GARDENING

Fun Gardening

Many of us who yesterday thought we were competent gardeners have been intimidated by the constant barrage of new facts and figures about insecticides, wet sprays, dry sprays, slug baits,