Geranium Problems – It May Be Overcare

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • “Why can’t I get my geraniums to grow well?”
  • “Why don’t my geraniums bloom well?” 
flowering GeraniumsPin

I think in many cases, it is too much fussy care. So instead, try giving your geraniums a little neglect.

Don’t Overwater

Of course, they respond to care but don’t overdo it. Don’t overwater. Let the soil become thoroughly dry, and then give them a good soaking.

In California, they grow and thrive as easily as weeds. Many are large shrubs and are given lots of neglect. After spending years around them, most people get to the stage where they take geraniums for granted.

These geraniums that insist on growing and blooming all the time are not pampered. 

Over Fertilizing

Another mistake is overfeeding your geraniums. 

As long as you have nice green, healthy foliage, they do not want food. If the foliage puts on a yellowish cast, then it is because they want food. 

Too much food promotes lots of leggy soft growth and very few blooms. 

If you have trouble growing geraniums, this may be your trouble. Try growing them this way and see if you aren’t more successful. 

Use one-half teaspoonful of a balanced fertilizer to a five or six-inch pot every two months – no more often. Sprinkle this on the ground or in your pot, and then water. Allow the water to carry this down to the roots.