Christmas Cactus Still A Top Favorite

Christmas Cactus

Who has seen a Christmas cactus tumbling over itself, the branch tips weighted down by delicate red blooms, who hasn’t been filled with admiration? But how many people realize it

Grow Gift Plants as a Hobby

grow gift plants

Let’s turn our hobby of gardening into a pursuit of gift-giving. Here in our window garden, there in our outdoor garden, the materials are at hand. Many plants can get

Grow Gloxinias For Gardening Adventure

Growing Gloxinias

Glowing African violets have provided a pleasant adventure in indoor gardening for the past few years.  However, while I still enjoy working with them, they are now relegated to second

Paint a Picture with House Plants

Paint Picture Houseplant

Gardeners do not need paints to make a picture. With a palette of living plants, they can paint a memorable composition, drawing from a wealth of material that is both

Some Interesting House Plants For You To Try

Interesting Houseplants

Alternanthera This colorful, little Alternanthera is a lovely flower with narrow lanceolate leaves.  It makes a very effective edging plant. Its leaves, variegated with crimson, pink, green, brown, orange, and

Fluorescent Gardening

Fluorescent Gardening

The recent advent of the seemingly-intense indoor lighting with fluorescent bulbs has naturally caused many indoor gardeners to wonder if plants could be grown under this light.  According to extensive

How I Grow African Violets

African Violet

When I started growing African violets a few years ago, I realized that I could have hundreds of blooms in many colors throughout the year. Before I knew it, my