Want to Know About Amaryllis?


Our grandmothers grew pots of amaryllis and their grandmothers before them. Sometimes, even the grandfathers did.  It is so ancient a custom that one may wonder which was the original

Variation by Spots

Large Dieffenbachia amoena

Plants with unusual leaves have always held a strange fascination for me and I find they are also greatly admired by others. In the window garden, where plants are seen

Ferns In A South Window

Window Fern

Ferns seem to me to be in the neglected bracket, at least when considered as house plants. These few words, with the pictures, will, I hope, serve to remove them

Growing Blooming Iris in The Home Greenhouse

Growing Iris

The iris family includes several fascinating members well worth growing in the greenhouse. Whenever there is room. We like to have some Wedgwood, White Excelsior, and Golden Harvest for cutting.

Why Are My Ficus Rubber Tree Leaves Drooping?

Rubber Plant Leaves Drooping

Rubber plants are great and easy indoor plants. While they are low-maintenance and do not require much to thrive, you may notice your rubber plant leaves drooping and yellowing.  This

Growing Amaryllis in an Apartment Window

Amaryllis in Apartment Window

If you would like to attain the reputation of being a particularly successful window gardener, grow the gorgeous Dutch hybrid amaryllis. One bowl or even 10 of these spectacular, tropical