Meet The Trailing Relatives of African Violets

African Violet

Whether to grow trailing gesneriads in pots, hanging baskets, or other African violet relatives, the choice may depend on the availability of suitable containers. Ordinary clay pots can be used,

Houseplant Hybridizers Share Their Secrets

Houseplant Hybridizers

You could be the hybridizer who creates a series of miniature, everblooming gloxinias in various flower colors and leaf types. Or crosses the jacobinias in cultivation to produce plants better

House Plant Arrangements

Houseplant Arrangements

Textures! From the smoothness of sleekest satin to soft, furry down, they are found in the leaves of houseplants. How stimulating they are to the flower arranger searching out materials

Gloxinias for Color

gloxinias color

Few can equal a gloxinia in full bloom for a spectacular house plant. Once you have experienced the thrill of producing a blooming plant from a tuber, you won’t be

Cycnoches The Unusual Swan Orchid

unusual orchid

We were waiting for luncheon one day in April 1954 when a public relations man from Hollywood turned to me. “Your husband tells me you have successfully bloomed an orchid

Three Steps to a Bell Jar

three steps bell jar

Here are the three steps to creating a Bell Jar. Scribe a circle on the jug with a glass cutter. To scribe an even mark, rest the handle of the

How To Care For Christmas Gift Plants

Christmas Gift Plant

One of the many pleasures of the Christmas season is the exchange of flowering and other kinds of Christmas gift plants. Whether you give or buy a poinsettia, an azalea,