Are Variegated Houseplants Tough Enough To Take It

Variegated Houseplant

What are the most popular or best variegated houseplants. To accomplish this, we checked the experiences of others in the growing community, visited nurseries and botanical gardens, and consulted catalogs

When and How To Feed House Plants

Feed Houseplant

To have happy house plants, it is necessary to know when and how to feed them. Even when a plant is growing in its proper compost, thought must also be

Greenhouse Plants…. For Collectors

greenhouse plants collectors

The fundamental fascination of owning a greenhouse is the knowledge that now you can grow rare, odd, and unusual plants.  It is impossible to grow and flower many of these

Greenhouse Plants . . For Beginners

greenhouse plants beginners

If you are a new greenhouse owner and are a little frightened at the prospect of what to grow, perish such fears.  You bought a greenhouse to have fresh flowers

A Patriarch Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus

The primary purpose of growing house plants, like Christmas cactus in most cases, is successful flower production. Surely, many times, when a prized plant bursts into beautiful bloom, the rest

Meet The Trailing Relatives of African Violets

African Violet

Whether to grow trailing gesneriads in pots, hanging baskets or other African violet relatives, the choice may depend on the availability of suitable containers. Ordinary clay pots can be used,

Houseplant Hybridizers Share Their Secrets

Houseplant Hybridizers

You could be the hybridizer who creates a series of miniature, everblooming gloxinias in various flower colors and leaf types. Or crosses the jacobinias in cultivation to produce plants better