Roy Grew Orchids From Seed To Flower

Roy Orchids

Roy Fields was a specialist in orchid seedlings. A native Floridian, he makes his home in the village of Miami Shores, where he grows orchids on a plot that is

Indoor Plants For Adventurous Gardeners

Indoor Plants

If you read the advertisements as well as the text in your favorite garden magazine, you surely have noticed the many types of greenhouses offered by the homeowner.  Some are

The Excitement Of Growing Orchids At Home

Growing Orchids

We do not recommend an accident as the first step towards orchid-raising. But Major William E. Scudamore of New York City is thankful today that a speeding taxi winged him and

Orchid Culture for Beginners

Orchid Culture

There is more interest today in orchid growing than at any time in the past, and each year more and more amateur growers are induced to take up their culture. 

How To Care For A Dracaena Marginata

dracaena marginata

Hostas are beautiful perennials that have gained a lot of popularity due to their shade tolerance. However, where there are big plants, there are often significant pests, and deer are

House Plants On Wheels

house plants on wheels

A flexible plant bench on wheels fitted with copper trays makes my venture with house plants easy and pleasant throughout the year. My husband designed and built a 3′ feet