The New Crop Of Annuals Or Rediscovered?

The challenge of the new and the untried makes the annual influx of seed catalogs a continual source of fascination. 

Some of the so-called “new plants” are actually the result of rediscovery by some enthusiasts. 

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Others are improved or selected strains offered because of better color, larger-sized blooms, or greater vigor. At any rate, there is always some space where something new can be grown.

Cosmos Pink Glow And Zinnia Glamour Girls

Cosmos Pink Glow is recommended because its glowing pink flowers of unusual substance appear two weeks earlier than those of other kinds. 

The plants average 3 1/2′ feet in height.

Zinnia Glamour Girls, a new strain of the giant hybrid type, is outstanding for its 2 and three-toned flowers which are notable for their light shades of all the popular zinnia colors. 

Plants average 2 1/2′ feet.

Marigold Ruffled Red

Marigold Ruffled Red produces its rich, mahogany-red single flowers on 12”-inch plants. The petals of the flowers have a distinctive golden edge.

Varieties Of Petunias

If you like double petunias, some varieties have alluring names, such as:

  • Rhapsody
  • Nocturne
  • Allegro
  • Sonata

Unlike the singles, their use is more limited, but they make a pleasing change, while some gardeners even prefer them to others. 

Blue Moon

Blue Moon is a deep violet-blue that holds great promise.

Other Petunias

Other petunias include Irene, a California Giant type, with large, ruffled blooms, and velvety rose, with deeper rose venations.

Then there is Burgundy, a rich burgundy wine color that flower arrangers would like to combine with other hues. 

It is not a showy petunia, nor is Deep Burgundy, a rich, velvety shade that is deeper in the center.

For blue, there is Heavenly Blue, a foot-high plant, which is one of the truest of the blues.

Snapdragon: Happiness

Other annuals consider snapdragon Happiness for accent and color, with light yellow florets on two-foot spikes. 

Early Extra is a name applied to a strain of red, rose, pink, yellow, and white flowering snapdragons that bloom early.

Varieties Of Marigolds

There are wide varieties of marigolds, popular annuals because of their gay, bright colors and the ease with which they grow. 

  • Primrose is a tall carnation type, which makes a good-cut flower. 
  • Sunny is a dwarf single variety for use along borders or where space is limited. 
  • Orange Flame is a dwarf French marigold with a gold crest and mahogany petals at the edges, likewise recommended for borders. 
  • Parisian hybrids are also dwarf French in type, with double-blotched or striped flowers. 
  • Royal Scot is also a dwarf French strain with curious flowers boldly striped with gold and mahogany.

Verbenas for Sunny Location

Verbenas are always successful in sunny locations where the soil is poor, and among the new kinds are:

  • Sutton’s Blue, a deep purplish blue 
  • Salmon Pink, a warm salmon hue
  • Annapolis Blue is not as tall or as dark as Sutton’s Blue
  • Marilyn, a bright cerise, is compact in habit and thus recommended for edging

Drummond Phlox

Annual or Drummond phlox have always been admired for its riotous colors and ease of growth. For sunny banks and borders, always perform well.

Globe-Mixed Strain and Star-Mixed Strain 

Globe Mixed strain is outstanding because plants grow only 6” inches high and are mound-shaped. 

Star Mixed strain consists of well-blended colors on plants of uniform height. 

Other Dwarf Phlox

Other dwarf phlox are:

  • Apricot, a salmon with a white center
  • Coccinea, a striking fiery red

Those who grow annual asters will be intrigued by the Princess type, with flowers of heavy substance on compact plants.

All flowers have full creamy centers. 

  • Pasadena is a Super Giant aster that is silvery lavender-pink
  • Purple Bali has bright purple flowers on many-branched plants
  • Scarlet Pyramid, a semi-double, produces scarlet blooms on vigorous, bushy plants

Other Kinds of Annuals

Among the other kinds of annuals, it will be fun to try the following annuals:

  • Heliotrope Marine, a rich violet newcomer
  • Rudbeckia Goldflame, a dwarf variety, gold with brownish maroon blotches
  • Gaillardia Lorenziana Double Mixed, double globular flowers in delicate shades
  • Portulacas (All Doubles) Rose Pink, White, and Foundling, the last a deep rose-pink

Then there is also:

  • Candy-tuft Iceberg, pure white flowers
  • Morning glory Candy Pink, rose-pink flowers 4” inches across
  • Pansy Color Carnival, large flowers in mixed colors

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