What Is A DIY Bordeaux Fungicide?

Bordeaux mixture - copper sulphate

What is a DIY Bordeaux fungicide? For starters, there are three kinds of fungicide out there. Chemical fungicides are fast-acting but can harm beneficial plants and insects, with the risk

How To Recognize And Control Nematodes

Controlling Nematodes

Among the many different kinds of organisms known to cause plant diseases, nematodes or eelworms are the least known to gardeners.  They are, nevertheless, important disease-producers, and are frequently the

Tips On Controlling Mildew And Black Spot

Fungus Diseases

In the Pacific Northwest, where the rose has won international acclaim for its size, beauty, and case of culture, there are two major fungus diseases and four persistent pests (of

Chemical Aids to Gardening

Chemicals For Gardening

Four chemicals play a significant role in the care and enjoyment of the home grounds today: Granular cyanamid All-purpose sprays (for fruit and ornamentals) Brush killers Sequestrene Granular Cyanamid Granular

Earwigs The Plague Of Home Gardeners

earwigs plague gardeners

During the last five years, a dark-brown formidable-looking insect with prominent “pincers” at its tail end has caused much consternation in homes and gardens of greater Boston and other areas

Mites: What To Look For And How To Control Them

Mites on Plants

In recent years, mites have become major pests of many plants, including the following: Arborvitae Birch Boxwood Cedar Cypress Hawthorn Hemlock Oaks Peach Phlox Pine Rose Spruce One reason for