The Best Types Of Miniature Daffodils

Miniature Daffodils

The Miniature Daffodils are from 2”, the tiniest, to 9” inches high. Most species or hybrids are only a generation removed from the species.  And most, like their taller, 15-

Horned VS Talled Bearded Iris

Horned Iris

If you are unfamiliar with them, horned iris are like the tall bearded varieties, but with an important difference. In them, the beards stick out smartly like spurs or horns

Have You Considered the Dwarf Iris?

Dwarf Iris

Too little attention has been given to the number of small iris that can be successfully grown in the garden. The tall bearded class has long dominated the iris family,

For Easy Gardening Try These Wild Flowers

easy gardening try these wild flowers

Gardening with native plants is simple gardening. There’s seldom reason to think about winter-killing, severe insect or disease damage, fertilizers, or cultivation. While you probably won’t feel a change to

That Fragrance Called Jasmine

Fragrance Jasmine

Many a gardener is confused by the variety, often of dissimilar plants, that are called jasmine or jessamine, in its more poetic form.  But there’s one thing they all have

Why Not Plant Dahlias?

Plant Dahlias

Come a pleasant morning in late April, and I am reminded that it is time to prepare my dahlia beds to receive the tubers which have previously been divided. By

What Are Double Duty Flowers?

Beautiful Lawn

Have you ever thought of planting flowers that will supply a profusion of bloom for winter as well as summer?  It’s easy – if you choose the kinds of flowers

Tips To Grow Better Mums

Quality Mums

Even though fall is months away, it’s not too soon to start working for top-quality chrysanthemums to brighten up borders or foundation plantings. Regardless of the number of plants grown

How To Grow Plunge-Pit Mums

Plunge-Pit Mums

The English method for growing “plunge-pit” mums combines the advantages of both outdoor growing and greenhouse culture.  I have grown prize mums with this system, with certain modifications, for all