Tips On Ways of Winning With Gladiolus

Winning Glads

Three years ago, my wife Mary and I didn’t know the name of one gladiolus from another in our garden.  The North American Gladiolus Council was holding a glad show

Make Your Garden A Daily Show

Garden Daily

When unexpected visitors drop by to see your garden, do you ever wish they’d come last week when the phlox were at their height or next when the dahlias would

The Radiance Of Cineraria

Cineraria Radiance

The radiance of cineraria reaches out from florist windows everywhere at Easter Time (and from our cover this month). But if you know cineraria only as an Easter plant of

Highlights Of Popular Annuals

1954 Annuals

Among the petunias I tried last year, my first choice goes to Black Knight, a Grandiflora type.  The plants were dwarf, sturdy, vigorous, and remarkably consistent in producing an abundance

The Ancient Importance Of Easter Lilies

Easter Lilies

To all the world, the lily has long been a symbol of beauty, perfection, and goodness. The holy books, the Old and New Covenant, frequently use this symbolism.  In his

The Best Types Of Miniature Daffodils

Miniature Daffodils

The Miniature Daffodils are from 2”, the tiniest, to 9” inches high. Most species or hybrids are only a generation removed from the species.  And most, like their taller, 15-

Have You Considered the Dwarf Iris?

Dwarf Iris

Too little attention has been given to the number of small iris that can be successfully grown in the garden. The tall bearded class has long dominated the iris family,

For Easy Gardening Try These Wild Flowers

easy gardening try these wild flowers

Gardening with native plants is simple gardening. There’s seldom reason to think about winter-killing, severe insect or disease damage, fertilizers, or cultivation. While you probably won’t feel a change to

That Fragrance Called Jasmine

Fragrance Jasmine

Many a gardener is confused by the variety, often of dissimilar plants, that are called jasmine or jessamine, in its more poetic form.  But there’s one thing they all have