Tips on Planning Your Perennial Border

planning your perennial border

Your garden, first of all, should be an expression of yourself.  It’s a good idea to study the fundamental rules of landscape architecture and to consult authorities for good garden

Tips on Growing True Blue Gentians

grow blue gentians

No flower runs through a more excellent range of true blue than does the gentian. Since its various species provide bloom from early March to winter snows, it seems strange

Elfin Faces of the Winsome Violets

our winsome violets

For charming appeal, few flowers rival the violet. Its variety of elfin faces, early appearance in spring, when flowers are still an event, and delectable fragrance endears it to all.

How to Grow Prize Glads

Prize Glads

Whether you grow gladiolus for show or pleasure, you’ll want prizewinning beauties. So here’s my year-round plan for producing the kind of flowers you’ll be proud to display. Growing Calendar

How To Grow The Oconee Bells

Oconee Bells

Oconee bells (Shortia galacifolia) are extremely rare in nature and have an exciting history of discovery, loss, and rediscovery. These are but added allurements to the inherent charm of the

The Tree Peonies Garden Aristocrats

Tree Peonies

Tree Peonies are among the garden aristocrats, ranking with azaleas, magnolias, flowering cherries, and wistarias. During their blooming period in May and June, no plants can surpass them.  The comparatively