Low Temperature For Plants During Night

minimum maximum thermometer

Please explain why plants need lower temperatures during the night? As plants manufacture and store up food during the day, cooler night temperatures are needed in order to slow this

Calla Lily Plants: Botanical and Common Name

Pink Calla Lily Blooms

Calla lilies are elegant, classic flowers and among the most versatile plants, you can grow. These low-maintenance plants thrive in the garden or in containers, can even grow in ponds

Learn Jade Plant Growing And Care

The Jade plant or Crassula ovata is an evergreen houseplant native to Mozambique and South Africa.  The plant is also known by a few interesting names – lucky plant, money

Caring For Peperomia Plants

Peperomia is a genus of the Piperaceae family. There are well over 1,000 species of Peperomia, the vast majority of which are native to Central and South America. There are