Pedilanthus Plant: The Zig-Zag Succulent

Pedilanthus plant

Pedilanthus is an unusual plant with a monstrous name popular in window garden collections.  The plant Pedilanthus lithymaloides [ped-i-LAN-thus] and don’t worry about the rest of the name. It is

Growing The Colorful Gloxinia Plant

blooming Gloxinia with double flowers

The Gloxinia Flower! It is a triumph to plant thick, dry, brown, and barren-looking gloxinia tubers and watch them produce a luxuriant plant with layers of large, oval, velvety leaves

Indoor Gardenia Plant

Gardenia plants are both the delight and despair of indoor gardeners. When Gardenias are happy – in bright light and acidic soil – they are shapely evergreen shrubs with: But

Low Temperature For Plants During Night

minimum maximum thermometer

Please explain why plants need lower temperatures during the night? As plants manufacture and store up food during the day, cooler night temperatures are needed in order to slow this