Growing Clivia Plants: How To Care For Blooming Clivas

clivia plant

The Clivia plant comes from the family Amaryllidaceae and subfamily Amaryllidoideae, and originates in the low-altitude woodlands in South Africa. Clivia is pronounced as [KLY-vee-uh] or [KLIV-ee-uh]. It’s an herbaceous

How To Care For and Grow Norfolk Island Pines

Norfolk Island Pine is an ornamental, evergreen tree with delicate symmetrical leaves. It originally comes from Norfolk Island which is a South Pacific Ocean Island that lies between Caledonia and

How To Grow and Care For Succulent Haworthia Plants

group of Haworthia succulents

Haworthia (ha-WORTH-ee-uh) succulents are attractive houseplants that originated in Southern Africa. They’re members of the Asphodeloideae subfamily and bear a resemblance to aloes. These perennial plants are mostly found in

Growing Episcia Plants: How To Care For Flame Violets

Episcia cuperata the flame violet

The Flame Violet – Episcia cupreata (ee-PISH-ee-ah kew-pree-AH-tuh), is a herbaceous perennial plant. It’s native to Central and South America. Episcia plants belong to the Gesneriaceae family. Episcia Plant Care