What Causes Rotting Leaves On Christmas Cactus?

fusarium fungus Christmas cactus

The most important disease-causing problem for the Christmas cactus plant is caused by a fungus – Fusarium oxysporum. Stem lesions are water-soaked initially and rapidly enlarge to reddish-brown areas which

Christmas Cactus Plant Care: Tips For Blooming

flowering Christmas cactus potted

Botanically, Christmas Cactus is, indeed, a true cactus; but for its well-being, it really should have been given some other common name. The word “cactus” brings visions of extreme heat,

Pedilanthus Plant: The Zig-Zag Succulent

Pedilanthus plant

Pedilanthus is an unusual plant with a monstrous name popular in window garden collections.  The plant Pedilanthus lithymaloides [ped-i-LAN-thus] and don’t worry about the rest of the name. It is

Growing The Colorful Gloxinia Plant

blooming Gloxinia with double flowers

The Gloxinia Flower! It is a triumph to plant thick, dry, brown, and barren-looking gloxinia tubers and watch them produce a luxuriant plant with layers of large, oval, velvety leaves

Indoor Gardenia Plant

Gardenia plants are both the delight and despair of indoor gardeners. When Gardenias are happy – in bright light and acidic soil – they are shapely evergreen shrubs with: But