Decorative Grasses

Decorative Grasses

The real fun of pot gardening comes from having an array of mobile plant materials to use in pleasing displays indoors and out.  What could be more cooling for summer

Fuchsias And How They Grow

hanging blooms of a Fuchsia tree

Fanfare, the theatrical name of the red-scarlet fuchsia across the page, typifies the dash and style in today’s exciting fuchsias.  At home in pots and tubs, cascading from baskets and

Peonies Are So Practical

Practical Peonies

In severe climates where many other perennials are short-lived, these hardy plants thrive. They require only a minimum of care after they have become established. Once a gardener plants a

Instant Water Gardens

water lily flowers

This is the time of year when we long for gardens that require no hoeing, weeding, or watering. The answer is a water garden. So why not make plans for

Gray Birch Is My Choice

seed pods on gray birch tree

If you are looking for a small tree, cheerier than most, consider the Gray birch (Betula populifolia). It has appeal throughout the seasons in a naturalistic setting or at the edge

Dwarf Fruit Trees – A Must For Small Plots

rows of dwarf apple trees

Dwarf fruit trees are both ornamental and productive. In the spring, they produce abundant flowers, and in late summer and fall, a crop of delicious and attractive fruit.  Tree-ripened fruits,

Growing Lilacs With Great Pleasure

flowering lilac tree

Over the last 30 years, I have been growing lilacs. No other plant has given me greater pleasure. Since we are convenient to the private collection of Miss Vivian Evans,

A Greenhouse Made To Order

great looking home greenhouse

When the Trekells bought their suburban home, they made certain that the lot was large enough to accommodate a small greenhouse, which could be attached to the house. Then they

Sargent Crabapple The Ornamental Crab

Ornamental Crab

At this season, when displays of brightly colored fruits attract more attention than flowers among trees and shrubs, the ornamental crabapples command particular admiration.  One of the most distinctive of