What Is Hiding In Old Seed Catalogs

Seed Catalogs

This is the month for seed catalogs. They greet us with alluring pictures of dainty bulbs, astonishing varieties in annuals and perennials, gorgeous colors, new odors, and flavors quite unsurpassed. 

Snow On The Ground But Spring Inside

its spring inside

There may be snow on the ground outside, but it can be spring inside your home. Even in the dead of winter, the blossoms of apple, cherry, magnolia, and forsythia

Just A Few Branches For Forcing

few branches

Many kinds of tree and shrub branches will come into leaf and bloom quickly ahead of the season if special attention is given to their preparation.  The best time to

Can You Grow A Green Garden In Dappled Shade

Green Garden

Outdoor living reaches ideal fulfillment in a garden of luxuriant greens owned by Mr. and Mrs. William A. Randall of Wayne, Pennsylvania. Cool, refreshing shade tempers the hot summer days; illumination

Living Fences

living fences

In these articles of mine, which FLOWER GROWER prints and illustrates, I have referred continually to my home place, Breeze Hill, because it provides my closest touch with the things

Can Roses Be Planted As A Hedge?

Hedge Roses

There’s something about a rose hedge that cannot be found in a hedge of any other plant material. Its natural, informal beauty appeals to everyone, even when it is not