Growing The Siebold Viburnum

Siebold Viburnum

The Siebold Viburnum is a tall, vigorous shrub that can easily be considered one of the best viburnums for ornamental use. A native of Japan, it was introduced into America

Do You Know All the Maples?

maples trees

When choosing trees for small properties, the homeowner must consider what is desired of a tree. Is it to provide shade or be valued for mere embellishment, exotic foliage, or

Tips on Feeding Ornamental Plants

ornamental plants

Every gardener dreams of having a plot with soil rich in organic material to produce outstanding plants. Unfortunately, most garden soils lack this much sought-after substance, which maintains moisture, encourages

June: It Is Time To Start Biennials

Planting Biennials

Late spring and early summer are when to start biennials from seed if you want to enjoy their flowers next year. For biennials need a whole growing season before they

May What To Work On In The Garden

garden time

May is a pleasant month in the garden. One of the essential chores is not to allow plants to dry out. If the soil is dry, soak the ground deeply