Eve’s Needle Cactus: Growing The Austrocylindropuntia Subulata

Austrocylindropuntia Subulata plant

Opuntia subulata [oh-PUN-tee-uh, sub-yoo-LAY-tuh], which is a member of the family Cactaceae, is also known by its alternate scientific name, which is Austrocylindropuntia subulata [oss-troh-sil-in-droh-PUN-tee-uh, sub-yoo-LAY-tuh].  This evergreen, perennial, succulent

Growing Gerbera Daisies And Care Information

close up of a gerbera daisy flower

Although Gerbera [GER-ber-a] is a genus native to the tropical regions of Asia, South America, and Africa, these days Gerbera daisies are grown and used commercially all over the world.

Agave Parryi Care – Growing The Mescal Agave

Beautiful rosette of Agave Parryi - Mescal Agave

Coming from the arid regions of Arizona and New Mexico, Agave Parryi [a-GAH-vee, PAIR-ree-eye] is a slow-growing succulent plant with a rosette of grey-green leaves. The plant may reach close

Dracaena Draco Dragon Tree Care

The Dragon tree (Dracaena draco) is a slow-growing monocot belonging to the asparagus family. It starts out with a single stem which takes 10 to 15 years to stop growing