How To Care For and Grow Heliotrope Plants

Growing Heliotrope

Heliotrope (Genus name: Heliotropium) is a seasonal flowering plant producing clusters of blue or purple blooms punctuating its dark green foliage. These small plants are named after a Grecian plant

Adventures In Pot Gardening

Pot Gardening

Have you ever, just before a summer party, wondered what you could do to dress up your terrace, porch, or front entrance with a few plants? With a little forethought,

14 Of The Best Plants For A Seaside Garden

seaside garden

Salt spray and ocean winds often limit us in selecting plants for gardens at the seashore. Then too, sandy soils which are easily displaced in severe storms make it necessary

Weeping Willow: Loves Water Best In Spring

weeping willow

Among the 300-odd members of its tribe, the weeping or Babylonia willow (Salix babylonica) is the most widely known for its unique value as a landscape tree. Only the pussywillows,