Plant Fruits This Fall

Fall Planting

Fall is a good time to plant fruits. Trees and bushes set out during the autumn months will start growth early the following spring—just as soon as weather conditions are

Plant Trees And Shrubs

Trees and Shrubs

All woody plants have a regular sequence of bloom. Whether they are growing in Florida, California, Massachusetts, or Illinois, this sequence is always the same and can be depended upon



One of the largest nuts native to the United States is the `McCallister’ hican found in 1890 in southern Indiana.  A natural hybrid between a pecan and shellbark hickory, the

Year-round Peony Care

Peony Care

Peonies are so hardy, and durable. and long-lived that they usually get along with no attention at all.  Reasons for Not Blooming Well But you can help yours have better

Low Growing Shrubs

Low-growing Shrubs

Ask any experienced gardener what he considers one of the most useful groups of garden plants, and he will probably reply, “dwarf shrubs.” New houses, whether traditional or contemporary in

Trees And Shrubs To Plant This Fall

Trees and Shrubs

The fall of the year, with its cooler weather and more frequent rains, provides perfect conditions for planting trees and shrubs.  With the quick pace of spring and the heat

The Pagoda Tree

Pagoda Tree

In last month’s column, we discussed one of the members of that small, select group of trees that bear their ornamental flowers during summer.  In this issue, we will consider

Training Fuchsias To Elegant Forms

Training Fuchsias

Bush form is the simplest and most common style for fuchsias. The bush may be small or large, but it is always kept compact and uniform.  To produce a small

New Ajuga


A low-growing perennial that will grow in either sun or shade is a new variety of ajuga or bugle-weed known as “Rainbow”.  Noted for its dark, bronzy-green foliage, which combines