Pride Of California: A Wild Pea Aristocrat

Wild Pea

There are a few wildflowers which belong to the plant aristocracy. Lathyrus splendens, Pride-of-California or Campo Pea, is surely deserving of high regard. Why? Just for one thing: it’s a

These Plants Do Best With A Place In The Sun

Plants that Do Best in Sun

In a sunny situation, Chrysogonum virginicum, commonly referred to as the golden star, will show you a multitude of starry yellow blossoms rising from green carpets to reach the height

A Month to Study Plant Propagating

Studying Plant Propagation

A fascinating facet of gardening is the science of plant propagation. Gardeners consciously or unconsciously use one or more propagation methods in producing their garden plants. The simple act of

Let’s Look at Containers

Gardening Containers

Who says there’s nothing new under the sun?  Not the flower arranger, surely. And to prove how right she is, there now comes a harvest of new and desirable vases,

You Can Be A Plant Breeder

plant breeder

The plant breeder is truly a creator, for he works, not with such dead chemicals as pigments, but with those infinitesimally small yet living chemicals galled “genes.”  Genes: Bearers Of