Growing Versatile Climbing Roses

consider climbing roses

Climbing roses are not only magnificent in bloom but versatile as well. No matter how small your garden or backyard is, there is always room for at least one climbing

Passion Flower Vine For A Garage Wall

passion flowers for a garage wall

Where can this tropical gem, the Passion flower, be crowned? It flourishes in the glorious sunshine of the tropics and in locations where winter temperatures reach 20° degrees Fahrenheit below

Plants for Seaside Gardens

plants for seaside gardens

This selected checklist is an enumeration of some of those woody plants which have been found satisfactory in garden plantings near the sea.  Familiar aid favorites like barberries, euonymus, privet,

A Mulch for You

mulch for you

Busy gardeners are always looking for new finds to make their work easier and to provide a conversational piece for garden visitors.  Buckwheat hulls are your answer for an easy-to-handle

Planting Season For Most Things

Planting Season

Practically anything that can be grown in our area can be planted in May. A notable exception is the spring flowering bulbs, which are planted in fall.  But even tulips,

The Ideal Groundcover

Ideal Groundcover

My Garden was designed for quiet and leisure. No power mower comes into it, for there is no grass to cut. Instead, it is carpeted by a collection of groundcovers.

Let’s Raise Bamboo Sprouts

Raising Bamboo Sprouts

If there’s one commodity we won’t be short on, it’s bamboo sprouts. Some years ago, we received it from Beltsville.  Maryland station of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, some roots

Understanding Plant Behavior

Understanding Plant Behavior

During the course of a fairly long garden life, I have often heard gardeners express surprise.  When some of their own native plants are transferred to their gardens, they stubbornly

Persimmons Tasty Fruits For Home Gardens


American persimmons—those tasty fruits for home gardens. Wide-named varieties are now available as grafted trees, including some that yield sweet fruits weeks ahead of autumn frosts.  And we have found, contrary

The Great Gardens At Bodnant

Gardens at Bodnant

Bodnant, near Conway on the north coast of Wales, is one of the world’s great gardens. Even in Great Britain, there is nothing to compare with it. A series of