Should You Encourage the Friendly Martins?

Friendly Martins

Martins and tree swallows are friendly birds that like people. They feed while on the wing, eating thousands of flies, mosquitoes, moths, and many other insects. We should do everything

Results With A Small Fruit Garden

Fruit Garden

I have a small fruit garden, which means more to me than a big orchard. But, at certain times of the year, it is as delightful to look at as

The Story Behind Dwarf Fruit Trees

Dwarf Fruits

Dwarf fruit trees, which have been grown for hundreds of years in Europe, are becoming more and more popular in this country today.  Since the trees are small in size,

My Hillside Of Azaleas

Hillside Azaleas

My garden has grown as its plants grow — quietly, gradually, and unassumingly. It was started as most gardens are begun — by owners of newly acquired houses.  During the

The Art Of Garden Design

Garden Design

The open season for “Garden Days” returns to delight hundreds of people and, incidentally, to secure financial aid for all sorts of worthy causes.  Of those who take advantage of

A Garden Flowing From Inside To Outside

Gardening Inside

Opaque walls have given way to transparency in most of today’s houses. Outdoors, banks, if any, have given way to walls of brick or stone or ledges, broken by flights

What Are Azaleas For Connoisseurs?

Connoisseurs Azaleas

A full four months of azalea bloom may sound like a gardener’s tall tale. But it becomes a fact when there is a discriminating choice of native azalea species to