24 DIY Garden Projects Anyone Can Make

Creating an inviting outdoor space is fun, and there are lots of DIY projects anyone can do to make the outdoor space fun for outdoor activities, a get together BBQ

Buddleia Butterfly Bush

Buddelia flower with Butterfly

The buddleia was named for English Botanist Adam Buddle. The butterfly bush is among the beautiful Chinese shrubs now growing in our gardens. The Buddleias are perhaps as widely used

Andromeda Shrub

Pieris (Andromeda)Common Name: Lily-of-the-valley-shrub The Andromeda are of unusual charm because of both the foliage and flowers. The most attractive one is Pieris japonica, commonly refered to as the the

Rock Gardens are Easy

Not so many years ago the rock garden was considered a very specialized and rather “high-hat” type of gardening, suitable only for the large estate, with its corps of trained