How We Live With 150 Camellias

living with 150 camellias

In the one-acre garden of Mrs. G. C. Shackelford at Columbus, Georgia, there are over 150 camellias that have been collected and cared for over the years. Some older plants

Legends of the Lilac Tree

Lilac Legends

So familiar are lilacs in the dooryards of old houses that we are likely to assume this beloved shrub is a native of England or America.  Yet the very name,

What Is The Western Chokecherry?

Western Chokecherry

If you are an old-time, conservative horticulturist, you will probably choke at the thought of the native western chokecherry. Prunus virginiana demissa, is a very worthwhile shrub or small tree.

Tips On Planning The Small Backyard

Small Backyard

How do you provide privacy, variation, and color in the small garden?  How do you plan for a small patio and living area, a children’s play area, a place for