How to Raise Flowers from Seed

Raising Flowers

For 25 cents, you may purchase a packet containing 200 to 1,000 petunia seeds of the finest named varieties.  Properly cared for, germination will be at least 75% percent, and

Look What’s Packed In A Packet of Seeds

Seed Packet

A seed packet is small. Filled with perennial seeds, you could balance it on your little finger and scarcely feel any weight.  Plants will grow from those seeds, bringing immeasurable

How To Treat Your Seeds For Improved Growth

treat seeds improved growth

As a rule, the principal reasons for treating seeds with chemicals before sowing them are to prevent seed decay and damping-off of seedlings.  During the past year, however, I have

What Is Hiding In Old Seed Catalogs

Seed Catalogs

This is the month for seed catalogs. They greet us with alluring pictures of dainty bulbs, astonishing varieties in annuals and perennials, gorgeous colors, new odors, and flavors quite unsurpassed. 

Don’t Crowd Your Vegetable Seeds

dont crowd vegetable seeds

Thickly sown vegetable seeds cause many disappointments in home gardening. The seedlings often come up so crowded that none has a chance for average growth unless the rows are thinned

Don’t Let Those Seedlings Die!

No Seedlings

Doesn’t it make you mad to find that flat of special seedlings damping off? You spent a lot of time planting the seeds and waiting for germination, you watered them,

Speed Propagation With A Soil Heating Cable

Soil Heating Cable

Would you like to speed up the propagation of a favorite plant? Grow a few “hothouse” plants in a “cool” greenhouse. Accelerate growth on plants in outdoor frames? Get a

Growing House Plants From Seed

Growing Houseplants From Seeds

Raid the chicken for inexpensive equipment—and grow a fabulous variety of house plants at almost no cost and even less trouble from seeds! For sowing the seeds, use containers with

Growing Alpines From Seed

alpines from seed

Many amateur gardeners say that growing alpines from seed is a complicated procedure, not to be attempted in the home garden. I have grown thousands of alpines here in my