How I Root House Plant Cuttings

root houseplant

Have you ever received a gift of cuttings, leaves—or some hard-to-get plant, long on your want list, only to lose them in the rooting stage? It may be a painful

Why Is My Christmas Cactus Yellow?

Christmas Cactus Turning Yellow

Christmas Cactus is one of the three-holiday cacti, so named because each blooms around a specific holiday. With its segmented, round-toothed stems called cladodes, hanging flowers, and distinctive pink pollen,

Growing Clivia Plants: How To Care For Blooming Clivas

clivia plant

The Clivia plant comes from the family Amaryllidaceae and subfamily Amaryllidoideae, and originates in the low-altitude woodlands in South Africa. Clivia is pronounced as [KLY-vee-uh] or [KLIV-ee-uh]. It’s an herbaceous