How To Care For and Grow Norfolk Island Pines

Norfolk Island Pine is an ornamental, evergreen tree with delicate symmetrical leaves. It originally comes from Norfolk Island which is a South Pacific Ocean Island that lies between Caledonia and

How To Grow and Care For Succulent Haworthia Plants

group of Haworthia succulents

Haworthia (ha-WORTH-ee-uh) succulents are attractive houseplants that originated in Southern Africa. They’re members of the Asphodeloideae subfamily and bear a resemblance to aloes. These perennial plants are mostly found in

Growing Episcia Plants: How To Care For Flame Violets

Episcia cuperata the flame violet

The Flame Violet – Episcia cupreata (ee-PISH-ee-ah kew-pree-AH-tuh), is a herbaceous perennial plant. It’s native to Central and South America. Episcia plants belong to the Gesneriaceae family. Episcia Plant Care

Enjoy And Grow Vines Indoors

potted Pothos Marble Queen vine

It has been a good old American custom to grow sweet-potato vines in the kitchen window for many years. This is not because the homeowner wants to raise a crop

Why Not Grow Some Achimenes Plants?

Beautiful blooming Achimenes plant

Achimenes like the same care and culture as African violets and are equally rewarding. By comparison with the achimenes, the African violet is just an infant. First introduced to England